Earn money for selling fudge! Quick & easy!

Do you want to have fun selling fudge, whilst making some extra money too?

Whats involved?

  • Not a franchise, so no building costs or staff required
  • Work when you want as much as you want
  • You can even fit it around your existing job!
  • Effective and achievable goals so you can get your commission each and every month
  • The ability to earn more commission on every sale
  • Don’t need to know how to make fudge

We work with you and your local area to come up with a sales goal that can be easily achieved and exceeded, it is in our best interest to keep you happy and help you boost your commission!

You don’t need to hold stock or buy our stock to sell, it is all done through our website – all you do is drive people to us!

How do i start?

All you have to do is sign up as a Fudge-a-licious seller, it’s that easy!
Make sales of fudge every month, then at the end of the month we send you your commission based on those sales*

Sign up to become a seller today! send us an email at [email protected] to register your interest, once we receive your email, we will reply asking you some questions, once we receive them, you will be set up and ready to go!

How do i make sales?

You can make sales in a number of ways;

  • Leveraging your social media presence
  • Friends & family or friends of friends of friends
  • a Fudge-a-licious home fudge party!

You don’t need any qualifications to be accepted as a fudge-a-licious seller, just a level head and a drive to succeed!

You can earn extra money for family holidays, or for that massive TV for the game, or maybe just for a night out.
Whatever you want to do, you can by becoming a fudge-a-licious seller

What happens when i sign up?

After we accept you into the seller programme, we send you a welcome pack. This explains everything about the seller system, commission rates, bonus offers and extra commission offers for your area.

Then we create a custom voucher code for you, this voucher code should be used for all your customers on our website (www.fudgealicious.co.uk), it allows your customers a special discount on the website that is unique to you, this voucher code allows us to track your sales and the value of those sales, so that we can accurately sum up your goals and your commission rate.

Unlike other affiliate or reseller accounts, once we set a sales goal for you at your current level, it never changes! that is a promise!
We make sure it is fair and attainable for you, if you do really well one month we won’t be upping your goal at all everything you earn is yours, we never make you pay a subscription service to be a seller, nor will we ever!

What are the levels and how do they work?

Levels are how we can give you extra perks and discounts, every time you hit your goal consistently we offer you the opportunity to upgrade, this allows your customer discounts to go up! you can of course refuse to upgrade or ask to be downgraded if you are struggling, that is not a problem.

When we upgrade you, we change your voucher code which in turn increases the discount for your customers, you get a higher commission on sales after your goal which means more money for you!

Once you sign up you will receive your welcome pack which will outline your current level and then your future levels and the benefits of each level, along with how we go about upgrading you.

Once i am a seller can i stop?

Of course you can, you are not locked into a lengthy contract – you can ask to leave at anytime, or nominate someone to take over for you.

This is a flexible programme, no rigid regime or steps to follow. This helps you which in turn helps us, we want you to be happy whilst working with Fudge-a-licious, be it short term or long term, we are here for you.

Wether it is to become a seller to help pay the bills or to afford that one thing you always wanted, once you have it, feel free to stop at anytime.

Sign up today! send us an email at [email protected] to register your interest, once we receive your email, we will reply asking you some questions, once we receive them, you will be set up and ready to go.

It would be great to have you be a part of the Fudge-a-licious family!

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