About Fudge-a-licious


How we started

I originally started making fudge originally as presents and as treats for my children.

They love the taste of fudge, it was something i could make easily, and i knew exactly what was going into it, no preservatives, no glucose syrup, all my ingredients were and are locally sourced, fresh from the farm and zero additives.

They love my fudge, but they are a lot happier now i do it for a living.

Take a look at my selection and try for yourself.

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Why is our fudge so good?

We make all our fudge to order, this means no fudge that is weeks old, no fudge that has crystallized and most of all, no fudge that was quickly made!

All the fudge we produce is hand-made with passion. We work hard to give you quality fudge, either as a present for your loved ones or as a cheeky treat for yourself.

Most fudge mass produced is made with a glucose syrup, this is sugar water boiled to an inch of its life and then added to a fudge mixture, this creates large sugar crystals, in turn gives the fudge a noticeable crunch. 

Fudge should always be smooth and slightly chewy, this is why we always take the long way round into making fudge, we use bare essential ingredients, cream, sugar & butter. 

That’s what goes into our fudge and that’s how it will stay!


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