Our new hot fudge sauce collection!

Enjoy our Dark Chocolate and Classic Butter
Fudge sauces!

enjoy hot or cold!
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Introducing our first ever
custom Charity Fudge
Fudge-a-licious is working with Thomley
Supporting children and adults with autism and
special needs of all kinds. Giving them, parents
& carers a safe place to have fun and learn!
For every pack of Thomley fudge we sell,
the profits go straight to supporting this fantastic
charity and cause!
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Welcome to Fudge-A-Licious

All the fudge we produce is hand-made with passion. We work hard to give you quality fudge, either as a present for your loved ones or as a cheeky treat for yourself.

We make all our fudge to order, this means no fudge that is weeks old, no fudge that has crystallised and most of all, no fudge that was quickly made!

Most fudge mass produced is made with a glucose syrup, this is sugar water boiled to an inch of its life and then added to a fudge mixture, this creates large sugar crystals, in turn gives the fudge a noticeable crunch.

Fudge should always be smooth and slightly chewy, this is why we always take the long way round into making fudge, we use bare essential ingredients, cream, sugar & butter.

That’s what goes into our fudge and that’s how it will stay!


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    Why Choose Fudge-a-Licious?

    Handmade with Passion

    We lovingly make our fudge in small batches which create a unique and distinctive taste and texture.

    Natural Ingredients

    Our fudge is made with natural ingredients with no preservatives – just the finest quality ingredients made with only traditional methods.

    Buy Handmade Fudge Online

    Our fudge is the perfect present for all ages and all celebrations including Birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Father’s Day and Mother’s Day.

    UK Artisan Fudge

    We ship throughout the UK and offer free shipping on all orders over £15.00.

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